Leica IIIa

The Leica IIIa was part of a series of revolutionary cameras designed by the legendary Leitz designer Oscar Barnack during the first half of the 1900s. The III, produced during the 1930s, would eventually be superseded by the well-regarded M series in the 1950s. Already a very compact camera, the IIIa came with a retractable … Read more

Minolta X-370

Every photographer has a sentimental attachment to the first camera they ever owned. The Minolta X-370 isn’t that camera for me, but it is the camera that got me hooked on film photography. Mine was given to me by my grandfather, who was a contractor and used this camera to photograph job sites back in … Read more

Olympus XA

The Olympus XA is pretty much the most sought after camera for photographers looking for a semi-manual pocketable film camera.  Why is it so special? There are dozens of reviews on the internet that go into great detail on the specs of the XA, so I won’t do that here. Essentially, the XA manages to … Read more

Olympus Pen EES-2

In the 1960s, color film had just begun to hit the consumer market, becoming accessible to a large audience of amateur photographers who were eager to capture memories in color. Apparently color film was really expensive at the time, so camera companies created a new class of “half-frame” cameras, which would allow the user to … Read more